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Right before graduating from Duquesne University in 2008, I joined the teaching staff Telecommunity - a digital art program for kids 8-18 located on that very campus. Taking over for their old webmaster (one of their former students), I organized a redesign of the Telecommunity website with the help of students and staff alike, built using WordPress in 2011. I've since continued to manage the site, updating the design as needed to compensate the program as it continues to grow.
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I created an animation this short film based on the 2016 Telecommunity theme: Elements.
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I decided to follow in the footsteps of other artists who've done similar things, such as Beeple, and create a new piece of art everyday. I spent most days sketching in a sketchbook or creating digital art in photoshop, but I also integrated photography and sculpture, even animation. It was a really good experience, and one I intend to do again, though not every year.
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The Bat-Family: A Stephanie Brown Story


I created an animated short based off a few pages from Bryan Q Miller's run of Batgirl in 2012. I had some help from voice talent from the Voice Acting Guild forum I used to frequent that spun out of, which is also where I found music that suited the short perfectly. You can watch it on youtube: