This won’t be a long post, but I realized it was more important to post something after all this time than to figure out whatever seems like the best most beneficial content for that site. Worst case scenario, I can always delete the post later. Umm.. so this website has been severely in need up and update for years as it literally broke from neglect overtime – a lesson worth remembering for various things in life we care about. If we forget to maintain things we care about, be they relationships, businesses, houses, or websites, they will overtime degrade and eventually cease to be.

So yeah, some maintenance and updates of this site have been long overdue, so I’m vowing to fix a few of those things today/this week, so the design you’ll see by this time next week (6.21.22 ) will be new and exciting. New color scheme, slightly altered categories and functional website on both desktop and mobile (wow, high bar for myself in 2022 :/ ). Anyhow, I have an art project in the works, as well as years of portfolio and art project updates to add to the site, so if you ever visited this site and thought “Man, Steven was busy for a few years I guess but dude hasn’t done shit lately” well.. that reaction would be understandable given that I never update this site. But, you’ll be able to see more recent works in the near future. For now, you just have my word on that, but, wait and see, I’ll be adding some cool stuff to this website soon.