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This Is Red


I've maintained and updated the website for since 2010 and continue to work on things behind the scenes to show off new and exciting things that we do.
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Lost Alien Media


I was commissioned to make an animated logo for Lost Alien Media's youtube channel, something that matched the spirit and voice of it's creator Derrick Keturatana.
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I was recruited to be a teacher at TeleCommunity - a kids computer art program with a focus on animation and graphic arts - back in 2007, and found myself a part of that community for many years up until an indefinite hiatus brought on due to the covid pandemic in 2020. I really enjoyed teaching and being surrounded by other arts, both peers my age as well as the students who always managed to teach me something new themselves. I was also responsible for managing the website and it underwent a couple redesigns, both of which I led the design of.
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We designed and built the template for Brainshark - an online educational tool focusing on helping you understand the benefits of Transitions products, primarily for the sake of inspiring better brand ambassadors for Transitions Optical and Essilor.
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PJ Dick


As a client of This Is Red, PJ Dick tasked us with creating a relaunched website more consistent with their brand strategy to build something that was modern, responsive, and reflected the quality of their work in architecture, seen all over Pittsburgh and beyond.
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I built a website for Jamar Thrasher's company - Kennedy Blue Communications (KBC) - as part of a strategy to grow his business and showcase his work with Pittsburgh community projects.
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Office Ninja Warrior


When one of our own at This Is Red was competing in the American Ninja Warrior TV competition, we were inspired to create a Facebook app that lets users put themselves into "Office Ninja Warrior" comics. It was a fun project!
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This Is Red was called to assist with marketing materials for the Forward song created to bolster President Obama's reelection campaign in 2012. I built the responsive web page designed to showcase the music video along with related credits for those wanting to know more about the people involved in the project.
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We built a website for ASSET Inc, an organization dedicated to improving education for kids with an emphasis on STEM
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One of my first big client websites, the H.J. Heinz company, known worldwide for their condiments and various other products asked sunKING (the precursor to This Is Red) to give their website a big overhaul. It was a big project working with more designers, developers and project managers than I ever had in the past, but gave me the opportunity to prove my value to the team as a junior developer, which made me a fixture of the creative team at This Is Red that continues to this day, as the team's most senior developer.