Man Of Art


So, the marketing team added on another small stroke of genius with the Glyph Generator. With it, you can find out what Kryptonian house you belong to, while being attributed a kryptonian shield from your house, as well as your name spelled out in a kryptonian font - created just for marketing materials for the movie. It's incredibly cool.

A typical day.


I've been slouching a bit when it comes to storytelling. I frequently have ideas for different kinds of shorts, but I end up planning really ambitious projects that take me way longer than they should, then I either work on them - leading to it taking several months or longer to complete - or I just stop somewhere early in production because I decide it isn't really worth the time to finish. Well, today' a new day...

The Right Moves


I've been reading a fair amount of comics lately but, wow.. The Movement is awesome! I've been waiting for this comic for months - had it reserved at my LCS (local comic shop) since I heard about the premise and have eagerly been awaiting it and the Green Team - it's sister comic - which is due towards the end of the month. The result? Awesome. Rage inducing, utterly satisfying, very intriguing start that I'm incredibly excited for.