The Right Moves (a review of The Movement comic series) Published 2013-03-24 (v2) is finally Up! Yay!!  The design hasn't really changed, but a few tweaks have been added to make it more user-friendly and to provide a bit more detail on each project I'm involved in. But the biggest update: 'Everydays'. Rather than have a new blog post for each one, the everydays now have their own section. Check them out!


One of the things I've taken inspiration from lately for art is a comic book called, The Movement - written by Gail Simone and drawn by Freddie Williams II. I've been reading a fair amount of comics lately but, wow.. The Movement is awesome! I've been waiting for this comic for months - had it reserved at my LCS (local comic shop) since I heard about the premise and have eagerly been awaiting it and the Green Team - it's sister comic - which is due towards the end of the month. The result? Awesome. Rage inducing, utterly satisfying, very intriguing start that I'm incredibly excited for. It's at once sad and uplifting, supernaturally creepy and somehow grounded in issues that feel incredibly real and day to day. I highly recommend it as a comic that uses the premise of the existence of superheroes/villains to reflect (very entertainingly) on the kinds of issues we (all ages really) deal with in today's world. It reminds one of V for Vendetta (still have to get around to reading that graphic novel), for a couple of different reasons, partially because of how iconography from V has made its way into real world movements, as well as the presence of a system built to allow it's worst abusers free reign, except that in V's case, it was just a theoretical vision of the future whereas in The Movement, it's very closely imitating things happening in this country today. Almost as if to suggest that we might need a group of super-powered teens to protect us from the abuses of our own government.

Comparisons to V aside though, the Movement establishes itself as a localized story (being somewhat contained to just a number of blocks in one city that the police force fights for the right to enforce the law in against 'The Movement') that wouldn't need or really benefit from connections to the standard DC comics - even though officially, it exists within the larger DC universe. A truly 'new' DC comic. While there have been a few to have come and gone pretty quickly, I'm hoping this one stays a good while. If the Secret Six following decides to jump on board at least for the most part, this should have a great run.