A typical day.

I’ve been slouching a bit when it comes to storytelling. I frequently have ideas for different kinds of shorts, but I end up planning really ambitious projects that take me way longer than they should, then I either work on them – leading to it taking several months or longer to complete – or I just stop somewhere early in production because I decide it isn’t really worth the time to finish. Or sometimes, I would work on it for ages, finish, then never release it because it turned out to be crap. And I don’t like releasing crap.

Well, today’ a new day. A day for releasing a new short animation. The best animation I’ve released in the last 8 months (it has LOADS of competition.. loads… meaning none). It follows the 9-6 day of a programmer, focused just on facial expressions. It’s designed for a niche crowd for sure, but for anyone who works in an office, there’ll probably be some degree of familiarity. Enjoy!