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Kennedy Blue Communications


I did a complete redesign of the website for Kennedy Blue Communications - a local PR firm in Pittsburgh, including some photography shot specifically for the site.
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Right before graduating from Duquesne University in 2008, I joined the teaching staff Telecommunity - a digital art program for kids 8-18 located on that very campus. Taking over for their old webmaster (one of their former students), I organized a redesign of the Telecommunity website with the help of students and staff alike, built using WordPress in 2011. I've since continued to manage the site, updating the design as needed to compensate the program as it continues to grow.
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Vision Plan Calculator


The team at This Is Red built a tool for individuals to see the potential savings benefit of having a premium vision benefit in your health insurance plan.
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We at This Is Red built a website for the Gout and Uric Acid Education Society. It's designed to make it easier for people suffering from gout to learn how what they need to live the healthiest life that they can and includes a quiz to help give you a sense for how much you do and don't already know.
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Transitions Viewer


This was the first website I built utilizing 360 panoramic technology to give users a unique perspective of the client’s products.
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Office Ninja Warrior


When one of us at THIS IS RED was going to appear on American Ninja Warrior, we knew we had to do something to celebrate his awesome ninja-ness, so we create a facebook allowing any office working to be a ninja themselves. Using the app, they could add themselves and two of their friends into a customizable ninja comic. I was personally responsible for building the app and it was a blast to work on. Some of the comics are pretty hilarious.  Give it a try!
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Juola Associates


Complete website redesign including responsive layout driven for a text-analysis focused law firm. I was responsible for the entirety of the web development including CMS integration and testing on multiple screens to ensure that it looked just right for anyone, on any device. As usual, I worked closely with our designer to ensure that the final product met high design standards.
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At THIS IS RED, we were asked to create a page to promote an inspirational song and video created to support President Obama's reelection - mainly to energize the base right before election day.
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Feel Like Going On


Feel Like Going On is an photography group focused on documenting the African American experience in Pittsburgh, PA. I worked with Carol Moye, one of it's founding members members... well, ok, my mom asked me for help so I made her group a logo :) It was a nice project though, experimenting with what best defines the spirit of the group, so we went through a few different versions. Then, two years later, she asked for another one for a photography class based around the same idea.
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This Is Red worked with ASSET Inc to create an new online brand identity for them, which, even though they've updated the website since then (so the website no longer reflects my build), is still being used in their current designs. I was really proud of the site we built for them, using a favored CMS of mine, Umbraco. I provided leadership on the structure of the build as well as front and back end web development.
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Lost Alien Films


This logo was a collaboration of concepts between a good friend (Derrick Keturatanna) and I, intended to describe the feeling of isolation and confusion amidst our everyday surroundings that both we, and so many others share as a universal human experience.
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I was responsible for front and back-end web development for this multilingual site with over 300 pages; powered by Umbraco.
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Eye Exam Guide


This one actually my first mobile-first website that I built. Made to make it easier for people to find out what to expect from eye exams and how to make the most out of them to protect your eyesight.
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This Is Red Agency


I started working for This Is Red Agency, a Pittsburgh based design agency, as a senior web developer at the start of the company in 2010 along with a small creative team that came out of sunKing Interactive Group. We were a team determined to continue making the web and the world more beautiful as we put our best work in for each of our clients. The team has changed overtime but we're still a kick ass team :) Naturally, I built our website. We should have a new version of that up sometime in 2017.
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A complete redesign of the H.J. Heinz corporate website, I was part of a small development team responsible for building it out using the powerful and adaptable Umbraco platform. I was primarily focused on front-end development throughout the site, altering the layouts as needed for updates to the content through 2009.