Man Of Art

Hanz Zimmer is killing it! Honestly, I’ve watched the Man of Steel trailer (the 3rd one) like 30+ times and I still get goosebumps from the energy and awesome build up from the score. Really gets me pumped to see it and also to create more stuff myself. After The Dark Knight Rises, I was convinced nothing was going to top it as my favorite movie for a long while, but right now, looking at what’s come out for Man of Steel, I can honestly say it has a chance. Being heavily biased towards Batman (and Robin especially), it’s almost inconceivable that a Superman movie could turn out impressing me more than a great Batman movie that incorporates Robin. And yet, with one trailer, Man of Steel is already a contender.


So, the marketing team added on another small stroke of genius with the Glyph Generator. With it, you can find out what Kryptonian house you belong to, while being attributed a kryptonian shield from your house, as well as your name spelled out in a kryptonian font – created just for marketing materials for the movie. It’s incredibly cool. Not surprisingly, the house I was said to belong to is one based on art and beauty. So I created my own piece of art based on it.

Man of Art Poster

And as for that awesome trailer, I’m sure you’ve seen it already, but watch it again. You know you wanna 😉

These two are also quite good 🙂